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Things To Do: Thailand

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A browser and an internet connection is all you need to start adding content to Deki. Share ideas and plans through the simple interface. Click the "Edit Page" and "New page" buttons on each page to begin contributing content.

Create mashups

Deki supports boatloads of extensions - these are little features which allow you to embed content from other websites. For example, you can embed Google Maps, Windows Live Maps, AND Yahoo! Maps, all on the same page. You can also dynamically manipulate images using our ImageMagick extension.

There's so much you can do, so learn all about available extensions in your Deki by clicking the "Extensions List" tab (when the editor loads), or by viewing the Extensions page at the Wik.is Developer Center.

Share media

Attach photos, files, and all sorts of media to any page to share with your community. Files and images are revisioned, just like pages, so you'll always be able to retrieve older files.

Track changes

Did somebody make a change to a page that was bad? Use the revert feature to change the contentsn o of a page back to alder version. You'll never lose any work in Deki.

Let us help you

Create an Wik.is Developer account

Wik.is Developer Center is for anybody who wants to participate in the growth of Deki - creating a free account gives you access to our community forums, our bug tracker, and to our wik. Feel free to drop in, ask questions, or contribute.

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